Our Story

A brain child of a small village lady Sharda Devi, who single handedly started managing a small herd of cows and buffaloes to support her family in the year 1988. Her cattle were no less than her children and hence expertise in keeping them healthy and maintaining their breeds was her vision .
But sooner she started facing many issues which were more of a natural phenomenon and were beyond her control. The bigger and most loss-making issues included very low conception rate in her cattle, transferring of disease to next generations , reproductive issues and no excess to proper nutrition. Birth of a male calf & rearing it led to additional monetary loss for a woman who was already financially shrinked.

Struggling with these difficulties for nearly 35 years, she got in touch with GENUS -ABS India and that was the turning point for her. WIth the help of Genus-ABS India’s Bovine focused specializations like Genocheck services, transition right, Sexed Semens, her cattle management went through a drastic change and the results were unbelievable! The pedigree started improving with every new birth. This gave her vision a new hope and she went on further to make these facilities to other small breeders.
Mrs. Shrda”s vision to help other small scale breeders & make them confident in animal breeding led to the birth of COWSEMENWALA.COM. COWSEMENVALA.COM today is providing Best quality Semen for Cows and Buffaloes, consultation for Dairy farming and Bredding and Home Delivering complete range of equipment at best prices in the market through their in-house logistics services covering all areas of Rural-Delhi, Haryana And Rajasthan.